Sunday, October 23, 2011

Ikebana International Chrysanthemum Exhibition: celebrating Kiku Matsuri

Yesterday I attend Ikebana International Portland Chapter 47's annual Chrysanthemum Exhibition at the Portland Japanese Garden. As expected, it was amazing, and I truly enjoyed viewing all of the different arrangements. 

Following are a few of my favorites from the show. (My Sensai's is the last arrangement in the Sogetsu School section at the end of the post.) 

Saga Goryu School
by David Komeiji
by Mieko Heriford
by Wako Henjyoji
by Luci Bachelor

Ohara School 
by Selina Lechner
by Betty Robinson
by Ruby Warren

Ryusei-Ha School
by Reiko Grenade 
by Kathleen Birchfield
by Judy Harpel

Ikenobo School 
by Dr James Skog
by Elly Heitmeyer
by Jack Smeckar

 Sogetsu School
by Diantha Knott
 by Keiko Kodachi


  1. Such beautiful arrangements. Ann, I always enjoy the photos you share. They open my world.

  2. nice idea..thanks for sharing...


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