Garden Coaching Services

Garden Coaching Services

"Garden coaching was something that fell out of the sky for me. Who knew I could help people work through design issues and problems in their own gardens!?! I sure had NO idea until I started helping clients this past summer and now I'm hooked!" —Ann (aka The Amateur Bot-ann-ist)
So, what is a "Garden Coach"?
A garden coach is hired to coach you to create the garden of your dreams. 

It's a lot of fun—kind of like hiring a garden therapist, plant nerd, and design buddy.

For me—as your coach—it's very much about being able to translate your needs, tastes, and desires into a plan of action you can use.

I am a garden enabler and I work beside you. I am NOT a landscaper, garden designer, or landscape architect.

Garden coaches are consultants. You can hire one of us for a one-time consultation, or for on-going consultations. We're versatile and want to help you to see your project through.

What I CAN do for you: 
— Create to-do lists in order to get your garden up and growing.
— Help with plant id in your existing garden. (This can include looking for signs of disease and pests.)
— Teach you how and when to prune your garden.
— Suggest how to make your garden more wildlife friendly, sustainable and/or organic.
— Help you to shop for new plants.
— Recommend transplanting for plants that may have been planted in the wrong spots.
— Examine your soil and offer advice and help to improve growing conditions.
— Design seasonal containers.
— Work to stage your property for sales or special events.
— Help to design basic garden plans: raised beds, herb or cut flower gardens.
— Create a guide for your garden with instructions on its maintenance.
— Garden makeovers.
— Instruct on starting gardens from seed.
— Rainwater and run-off solutions.
— Indoor plant consultation too!

Services Offered/Fees
One-time Consultation: 
$90 for one 90-minute consultation without a printed report
$150 for one 90-minute consultation with a printed report
$45 for one 60-minute indoor garden consultation

The consultation begins after you've contacted me. First, I'll send you a brief questionnaire by email to get a better feel for your garden needs. Soon afterwards, I'll follow-up with a 90-minute (or 60-minute indoor) consultation at the garden site.

If you purchase the printed report, I'll send that to you no later than 2 weeks after my visit. It will include information about your garden, fliers with information concerning things we discussed during our appointment, and a timeline with to-do lists. These are individualized packets made for each and every unique client.

One-time Consultation with On-going Services:
Feel free to contact me to inquire about this option. (Contact me at:

The same price applies for the first consultation but hourly rates will depend upon your needs, project budget, and what you'll be hiring me to do for you during the set timeframe.

I will work in the garden beside you. This past summer I worked with one client weekly at an hourly rate so that she could reach her goal. If she hadn't hired me, she wouldn't have gotten the work done on time. This is another great reason to hire a coach. We WILL help you to reach your goals.

Why hire me on an ongoing basis? What are my specialities? 
I'm great at listening to you in order to figure out the plant palette to redecorate your garden to look the way YOU want it to look. How is that possible? Why would I do such a thing? Let's just say that a degree in art history led to my studying style and design for many years. I enjoy translating that knowledge into plants. As a matter of fact, I love doing it!

So often we purchase beautiful homes and we make them our own inside while outside we're left with gardens created by former owners. Sometimes these gardens are left unfinished, and they "don't look quite right", and you want them to look like you, but you can't quite put your finger on how to do it or even where to start. This is when you hire a garden coach. We can help you with your own design process. Or maybe you have a mature garden that needs to be whipped back into shape or else edited and redone. That's what we can help you to do on your own without needing to hire more expensive landscapers. 

I can help you edit and change those established plants to help your home look and feel the way you want it. I can help you to learn how to make new plant choices so that you can leave your mark while at the same time teaching you how to maintain your garden at the pace you feel is right for you. 

Indoor plants are also something I really like working with and I can help you to create and design a cozy little indoor green corner too for either your home or office. Got a sick houseplant? We can add that to the list of things to do...

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