Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plants from the California Redwoods near the Smith River

These are only brief shots of our drive up until this morning. A lot has happened since we left Portland and the sun is out down here in Fort Bragg, CA. Tonight we will sleep beside the ocean south of here, not far from the Kruse Rhododendron Reserve, and tomorrow we'll be in San Francisco taking in a nursery and two gardens. I just cannot get enough of this place and its amazing botanical bounty.

Sorry for the brevity, but campgrounds in California appear unequipped with plugs unlike my yurts back home. Blogging from cafés is so distracting too.
Sedum spathulifolium var spathulifolium.
Siskiyou iris Iris bracteata.
Rhododendron macrophyllum.
The campground is inside of a stand of old trees.
I  couldn't wait to see the river but was slowed down by all of the native plants along the path down to the river.
Aquilegia formosa.
Eschschozia californica. 
Pacific Ninebark Physocarpus capitatus.
This is the lock on the bear locker. You have to have small paws to open it and you must keep all of your food in this when you are not around. The garbage cans have special looks too. 
The view from our campsite this morning as I had my coffee. 


  1. Gorgeous views. What a fun trip you must be having. Nothing but RAIN here. I bet you don't miss it one bit. :)

  2. Enjoy your camping trip! I hope that no bears come visiting.

  3. It looks really pretty there! We are planning a road trip this summer and the Redwoods are on our list of places. I wish we could camp down there. Enjoy your trip!

  4. I do not miss the rain at all! Even though it is cold down here, it is much warmer than Portland.


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