Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden (Fort Bragg, CA)

If for any reason you ever find yourself on Fort Bragg, California, you must visit the Mendocino Coast Botanical Garden. Created by Ernest and Betty Schoefer, the property originally was a display garden and nursery for the retired pair. Clearing the land was rough, but it was worth it. Today the gardens are perfect gem that should not be missed. 

I feel bad that I have not tagged and named all of these pictures but I have run out of my wifi time and I have to get back on the road again. 
Mendocino Coast Botanical Gardens


  1. Thanks for the ride along your journey. The views are _fantastic_!

  2. Sikes! That drop off makes me nervous. I hope you were being safe! Obviously you were. LOL What a neat nursery. Did you buy anything?

  3. Grace, I was safe because my husband reminded me that a woman fell to her death during the 1990s trying to chase her camera on just such a ledge in Sonoma County. So sad. As for purchases, I waited to buy plants at Annie's Annuals. I wish I'd bought more but I have been stocking up on vintage stuff for my etsy shops.


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