Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Front Porch Makeover

This is probably not the best picture of the porch at night, but it was the best I could do since it was so cold and wet out this evening that I was shaking too much to do the night scene setting on my camera justice. (I am not a tripod as much as I'd like to be sometimes. NOTE TO SELF: purchase the silly tripod already!)

Ever since we moved in several years ago the front porch has not really been used in the way I would have like for it to have been used. Most notably, I've wanted it not just to be used by cats, and I wanted as much sitting space as could be possible comfortably since it's rather small. Last year I purchased a bench without a back, but this year, thanks to our local IKEA, I was able to purchase the perfect white folding bench with a back for those of us with bad backs. Now I can sit in peace, even when I am experiencing a great deal of pain. There is room for a foster child, my husband—if he could only return home from that vineyard in California!, a cat or two, and even a niece or neighbor on the railing that cannot be seen in the picture. (It's one of those old concrete stucco balustrades.)

My advice to all homeowners is to do up your porch when you move in. This way you can meet your neighbors, find summer homes for your houseplants, and have a tiny bit more space. (More to follow since I have a lot of special plants out there so that I can enjoy them on the porch too.)


  1. Now you have me curious, take some more pictures in the daylight so we can really see, don't forget ! Thanks, Gina

  2. One of our neighbors across the street had just a front step but they put in a bench near it and we'd stop, sit and talk. We had bench envy. When we redid our front walk, we make space to put a bench too. They're great. Enjoy your porch make over.

  3. You are so right about the charms of a nice porch. We added a covered patio to the front of our house when we moved in, since it had no porch or any place inviting to sit. We spend countless hours enjoying it in all but the coldest weather.

  4. Good to find a Portlander ... er, PDXr on Blotanical!
    I luv Portland!

  5. I love your front porch. We've lived in our house 11 years and I still haven't taken the time to get ours looking the way I imagined. This weekend we have to do some repairs on it and maybe I'll get inspired to decorate it better.


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