Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Swelling Disease

I really don't like putting this photo up, even though it isn't the worst swollen foot experience I have ever had, it's just that I have to do this. Most people have no idea what hereditary angioedema even is, let alone what it can do, and this is just the tip of the iceberg that sank my battleship. Basically, any part of my body can swell for no real good reason other than it is being used too much. That's because I am missing the protein in my blood that repairs swelling. My hands and feet are the worst, followed by my intestines. I also react as though I have allergies and for some unknown reason I am the only person I have ever met who can say that decongestants lower my blood pressure. In addition to those, I take twice the recommended daily allowance of antihistamines and then a whole lot of other things. Maybe this can explain some of the disability problems and why it's strange I like to garden when it can actually hurt me a great deal.

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