Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: A Rose Tattoo in my Honor

Roses to represent Auntie Annie.
A succulent tattoo designed by the tattoo artist for another client. 
I do love a studio, don't you?
My eldest niece and Alice (the tattoo artist) at Anatomy Tattoo. (She specializes in floral tattoo work.)
The unfinished piece—I had to leave before it was done but I am sure you get the idea. 


  1. It's a beautiful tattoo. You had me worried there when I thought it was going on your body. With your health problems it seemed like an unnecessary risk. I should hve known better.

    1. Thanks Ricki! It was so important in my mind to go there with her but I was so curious to see what she was picking in "honor" of me. For each of the most important women in her life she's getting a tattoo. Mine was the first. As for my swelling issues, yes, it's best not for me to get a tattoo. I sure want one though after seeing Alice's designs. She does a great job with botanical illustration.


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