Friday, August 5, 2011

Volunteer Park Conservatory (Seattle): Part Five, The Bromeliad House

This—the last room on this visit we've been having for about a week now—is the Bromeliad House.
Dischidia 'Thailand Blush'.
I am sorry I don't know as much about these plants as I'd like to, but in my home, they are simply too difficult to care for and that always complicates things. I'd love to take them on, but maybe I will have to let a few other plants die first. Yes, I said that. 
Air plants are everywhere here, but there are other plants too.
There is a different kind of Staghorn Fern and...
more and more of the Tillandsia and other Bromeliads. 
I found some lovely blooms though. 
Aechmea warasii variegata.
This was a nice view but it reminded me of The Muppets for some reason. Maybe I'm tiring of calling everything Seussian? 
There was a musical artwork made by an artist from Portland, Oregon installed overhead and it was really kind of nice in that it wasn't really overdone or obtrusive. It complemented the whole atmosphere. 
As the musical chimes played I admired blooms nearby and listened to the melodic tones.
Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross'.
I like these plants more and more whenever I see them. They look like hand-painted China and are so stimulating to the eye. 
Agapetes 'Ludgvan Cross'.

Before I left I walked around outside admiring the beds of annuals. It was such a nice way to relax and clear my mind before heading back home to Portland. 

I don't know much about this aspect of their work here at the Volunteer Park Conservatory, but when plants are confiscated from people trying to ship them in or out of the country illegally this is where they are sent. I was happy to know they didn't necessarily just wind up in a garbage can somewhere. Not that I have thought about this a lot but...

Maybe the seeds I accidentally attempted to import legally that were on the DO NOT IMPORT list ended up here and are out back in their plant pokey? If so, I hope they're doing well. I am just relieved that the only harm I caused myself was the worry about where my seeds had gone. I had no idea they were being held up because of my mistake. Note to self: Order more carefully next time. 


  1. This entire series has got me totally wanting a greenhouse now!

  2. I'm not a huge Bromeliad fan but that bloom on Agapetes might change my mind. Stunning! Thank you for this fabulous tour, Ann.

  3. Wow!! Airplants. I love the greenhouse and it's wonderfull set up. Really glad to have found your blog!! Chris Las Aventuras


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