Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Fall Houseplant Shuffle

Currently I must bring in the houseplants and find spots for them to live. Once that task is complete, I can then declare, "Let there be light!" Until then, I must hold off on buying the supplemental lights I need.

I have a big problem though.

Many of the houseplants have somehow dramatically multiplied over the summer. These two plants I grew from cuttings taken at my job last year. If you need a fast grower, I suggest either of these:
Swedish Ivy aka Plectranthus verticillatus.
Oh no, it won't fit in that window.
Guess we can try it in the kids' room for now. (Notice the Asparagus fern. I grew it from seed 2 years ago.)
This is some kind of Tradescantia that I also grew from a few small cuttings last year. Yikes!
While going through this process, I have to be sure not to neglect some of my slower growing super stars who really shine. These are both Boston Fern relatives that are hard to find.
Nephrolepis exaltata 'Verona Lace Fern'.
Nephrolepis exaltata 'Suzie Wong'.
Then I have to decide what to do with all of these extra Cast Iron Plants. Much loved by the Victorians since they could live in dark corners of virtually any room, they are hardy here in the NW and I have to decide if I want to plant more of them outside.
These were all Aspidistra starts I was sent in a trade. I have several more potted too and must figure out what to do with them soon. Notice the Ming Fern there on the left as well. It's an Asparagus myriocladus. I grew it from seed a few years ago.  It grows up to 3 feet tall—much like the other six Asparagus ferns I have that need to live indoors this winter!
This clump of Cast Iron Plants isn't too pretty right now but it will look better after I tidy it up in the spring. I wanted it to get established first.   
Lastly—as if I don't have enough to do with fostering kids and a part-time job (while being chronically ill with immune disorders)—I have all of these to pot up. I was sent hundreds of Desert Rose seeds last year in a trade and these are the ones that made it through the summer while being neglected so I know they really want to survive and deserve a fighting chance.
These Adenium obesum seedlings are currently getting soaked. I have never grown this plant before, but at least they can live in the basement on the light stand for this winter. Whew! But then were will I start all of my seeds? 
Some of you are probably thinking that I am nuts right now, and maybe I am. This is only a handful of the plants I need to bring in right now, and time if of the essence as the rain falls daily and the temps drop at night. I will do what I can, and I may lose a few "babies" but I will try my best. Luckily my husband will be returning from his wine job in California in a few weeks and he can help me to keep all of these happy this winter since he actually enjoys them all too. The supplemental light also really brightens our dreary grey days.


  1. You have a nice collection of house plants. They have certainly done well for you. The space issue. I deal with it too. So many plants so little space. Hope you get everything settled.

  2. Dear Ficurinia, Your houseplants look absolutely amazing, so wonderfully healthy and lush. You may find this hard to believe, but I have never experienced the problems you are having in placing your plants for the simple reason that I am unable to keep a houseplant alive! At all!!

  3. Edith,
    That gave me such a giggle! My French friends used to tease me by saying that I don't have a green thumb, but rather green hands, arms, legs and soul! I do kill some plants, but very few.

    I take care of houseplants for part-time income so I hope I can keep them alive! Good lighting is an absolute key.

  4. I have a swedish ivy too. Never went outside, and it still got huge. I ended up giving it a massive haircut. It's a great houseplant

  5. Those are a lot of plants!
    I hope they all grow nicely.
    I think your house might become quite a jungle, but it all be worth it. All the plants look great!

  6. I moved in my houseplants a couple weeks back but I haven't put them in the permanent spaces yet. I think I may secretly be hoping some croak before I set them up for the winter.

  7. Your home is going to look lovely and cozy with all those babies. I wonder though about one of your plants. Would you know why it is called Suzie Wong?

  8. Born, I would love to know who named it Suzie Wong too and why! There is also a Torenia named Suzie Wong and my only guess (by Googling) is that it has something to do with the character in the Richard Mason book. I will continue to look around though to see if she was a real person.

    I'd always hoped she was a real person, but maybe not.

  9. Hello Ficurinia, Your home will surely feel wonderful with all the green life about. Sunlight coming through green is so uplifting to me. It is a lot of work to get all those summer plants indoors before frost I know. Good luck with it all. Sorry to read about your immune challenge. I hope you do not overdo ... remember help is on the way. ;>)

  10. It would be nice to juggle around with potted plants... take a step back, view and redo until we are most happy or we are terribly tired.


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