Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Master Gardener Shock! Scandal!

A few days ago I was told that I could apply for the Master Gardener program in advance of the public because I had expressed interest in doing so with their online course sign-up feature. That was October 31, 2008. At the time, I had to sit back and consider the cost of paying $300 to become a trained voluteer. As someone who is pretty ill, this is a big consideration because we don't have a budget for such expenses. So, just a few days later, I go to sign-up. It has been open to public registration now for a grand total of 2 days! Every county in the Portland area is already on wait-list status. This is crazy! How many other community programs wait-lists its many volunteers? How do these folks have an extra $300 sitting around when the economy is in trouble?
The status of being a Master Gardener in the Portland area is out of control. So often it is a skill touted and I wish it didn't come across as being so off-putting. I guess I am tired of lifestyle options and accessories—such as a Master Gardener Certificates.

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